March 22, 2010

He's On the Move...

...well kind of. This is his attempt to escape tummy time.
The boppy was under his chest up until this point.

March 08, 2010

Owen's First Walk

Yesterday was pretty warm, for March at least, so I decided to take Owen for a walk. He enjoyed it.

But he decided that he would rather take a nap.

March 07, 2010

Rollie Pollie Wiggle Worm

Well as everybody knows, babies are supossed to be put "back to sleep". Well I dont think anybody told this to Owen...
...beginning of the night...

...late night...

...early morning...
(this is the part where he gets stuck and frustrated and I have to roll him back over)

...time to wake up...

March 04, 2010

An Interesting Find

Owen has rolled over from belly to back a handful of times since he was about two and a half months. I think those times caught him by surprise. Now is working on rolling from back to belly. He lays on the floor and rolls over onto his sides and then just lays there.

Well last night I put him to bed, on his back of course, and I woke up this morning to find him laying on his belly.

Owen did his first roll, and mommy missed it. Oh well, it was exciting.

March 03, 2010

Todays Appointment

Well Owen went to the doctor today. The orthopedic said his club foot, which is now in a brace, is looking really good. So we will continue to monitor it. She wants to see him in two month to xray his pelvis. So far she said that his hips are stable and she doesn't see any problems but she wants to keep on monitoring them as well.

We had lab work done today as well. They decided to draw from his arm this time, not his thumb. The lab tech got a little out on the left arm but it apparently wasn't enough. So she had to poke him on the right side as well. That side didn't go as well. She said the vein felt large but it was wiggly so she had to keep poking and prodding the needle around. It wasn't fun but at least they got enough to get a complete sample this time.