May 21, 2010

My First Cry

Tonight was the first time I have cried about Owen having Down syndrome since he was born. My husband and I had a cookout tonight with family which included my niece who is two weeks younger than Owen. She sits up on her own, Owen can only stand the bumbo for a few minutes before he slumps over in it. She reaches for toys and passes them back and forth in her hands, Owen will hold onto a few select toys if you put it in his hand.
I know that I shouldn't be comparing him to her but I think that it's somewhat natural. I know that Owen will do everything that she is doing, it will just take him longer. I just want him to be the best he can be and I want him to succeed, which I know he will. Am I wrong for thinking what my child would be like if he didn't have Ds? Am I wrong for wishing he could do things now? I feel like I am.

A Day at the Park

Here are a couple pics of Owen's first trip to the park. We only ventured to try the baby swing which he seemed to like. Oh and don't mind the horn he was trying to grow on his nose. He has a habit of picking scabs...

May 15, 2010

Bumbo Time

When you can't reach your elephant and your stuck in your bumbo, try turning.

And if that doesn't work, try using the part in the middle for some support.


Here is Owen's new toy. A chime bird that I got at a garage sale for $.10! I used to have one when I was little, so I couldn't pass it up.