September 12, 2011

Pneumonia Strikes Again

Owen came down with a fever this evening of around 103.  Local hospital says it looks like pneumonia. So an overnight stay is in order. The local Dr contacted his heart surgerons office which suggested he be admitted and put on a strong IV antibiotic to kick whatever he's got going on. Looks like a long night ahead :(

September 09, 2011

Follow-Up Appointment

Owen had his follow up appointment and things look good. The doctor said that his heart sounds awesome, there is no murmur to be heard. He is able to stop taking his lasiks and should return in 2 months for an echo.  If that looks good then he will be seen a year from then.

September 03, 2011

Surgery Pics: Day 1

Family picture before heading into surgery

Grandma Beth and Owen before heading into surgery

Poor Owen right out of surgery

Shortly after having his breathing tube taken out