April 26, 2010


I took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot with Owen today...

And after 6 months I finally got picture of him with a huge smile on his face.

Bouncy Bounce

Now that we have moved into our new house, we bought Owen a jumperoo.
He likes it as long as he is bouncing. But since his legs are still a little too short, he puts mommy and daddy to work.

April 20, 2010

6 Months

Owen is six months old today. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. Happy six months Owen. Loves from Mommy & Daddy

April 14, 2010

Down syndrome Clinic

The clinic that Owen sees his doctor at holds a Down Syndrome Clinic once a year, which we attended on Monday. Basically it is a day full different doctors and specialists. Some were interesting and worth our time, and others not...I'll get to that later.

Six month stats: 13 lbs 6 oz. 23.5 in

1. Social Services: The woman from social services just talked about different services such as birth to 3 and Social Security. She is our go to person for any questions or problems we have with those types of things.

2. Nutritionist: The doctor asked us some basic questions about what and how much Owen eats. She gave us some advice on how many times we should be feeding Owen solids and that we should be giving him more veggies before the fruits....Owen has a sweet tooth, or should I say sweet gums.

3. Speech: There was too much to go over, since Owen only babbles right now. The doctor just went over a questionnaire about communication skills and said she would send us some info on activities that we can do with Owen to work on his verbal skills.

4. Psychologist/behavioral lady: What a waste of time. First off, I barely could control myself when she walked into the room with hair that looked like she just rolled out of bed. She had curly hair that she had teased and thick enough bangs to make a toupee for two people. The whole time she babbled on about different ways to make bath time more comfortable for Owen and talked about how to put him to bed. I mean come on, I could have got better information on Google.

5. Pediatrician: Owen's ped. is my favorite. She is so nice and always takes her time to answer all of my questions and concerns. She was very impressed with Owen's improvement. She said she could see progress in his control of his trunk and head. She said we could get Owen a sippy cup to try. (He holds onto the handles with me but doesn't actually support the cup at all. It's so cute though.) Owen got some shots and had blood drawn for another thyroid test.

6. Audiologist: All went well here. Owen was a little crabby by the end of the day but he did great and passed his hearing test in both ears.

We didn't get to see the cardiologist tho, there was a little mix up with the schedule. We go back on Friday for that appointment. I think we are discussing Owen's surgery that he needs.

April 10, 2010

Ellie the Elephant

This is Owen's best friend, besides his mommy of course! ...Oh and maybe daddy.
And my favorite:

April 09, 2010

Physical Therapy

Owen had his first physical therapy session yesterday. His therapist, Nancy, was really impressed with his head control and his ability to lunge himself off his boppy. She said his overall strength is actually pretty good. The main thing that she wants to work on is his core muscles and his ability to lift his head from up from the laying position, when he is on his back. He does not enjoy sitting in his bumbo chair, which Nancy thinks is because it is just a little too much work for him. She suggested getting him a bouncy chair that will allow him to sit at a slight incline but not completely upright.
Nancy will be visiting in about 3 weeks, after we get settled in from our move. At that time she is going to bring some daily activity ideas and we can start some therapy on the exercise ball. From there we will decided the frequency of her visits. We are thinking about once every other week. She said there will be a lot more things we can do with him in a couple months when he gets a little bigger.
When did you guys start therapy? And what did you do?

April 07, 2010


Owen first tried solids about two weeks ago when I let him have a little bit of my applesauce. He seemed to like it so I gave him some pears, the only jar of baby food I already had. He didn't really love it but he seemed to think it was ok. So we started trying some other foods. Baby cereal was a no, he did not like it at all. Next we tried bananas, didn't like those. They actually tasted kind of bitter. Then we moved onto sweet potatoes. They were a hit, he loved them.
I think he is overall doing a pretty good job with the solid food. He does push a tiny bit of food out with his tonuge, which I think was partially my fault. I don't think I was putting enough of the spoon in his mouth. Well I guess we will just have to practice.

April 02, 2010

Too Tired to Talk

Last night Owen was just relaxing in my arms as he wound down for the night. Sometimes he gets in a talkative mood at night and just sits there and babbles. Well last night he wanted to multi-task. He was talking and his eyes were slowly closing in between words. He would say something and tilt his head down as he said it. He just fell more alseep with every word he said. It was pretty funny.