November 12, 2010


Owen's first cupcake on his first Birthday!

We had Owen's birthday party at the house, where we had just under 40 guests. It was pretty crowded but we all had lots of fun.
Here is the Birthday Boy opening presents with daddy.

More cake...

His new crawl ball that he got from Mommy and Daddy.
Grandpa Mark came for the weekend to celebrate Owen's Birthday.
And for Halloween, Owen was a monkey. A very plump, yet fluffy, monkey :)

We're Back!

So as you may have noticed I haven't done any blogging for like two months. I don't really have any excuses besides that I've been a little busy and kind of lazy :).

Within the last couple months we have remodeled our kitchen, participated in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk, I got a new job, Owen turned one, and we celebrated Halloween. So following are some pictures posts of the past couple months.