March 18, 2011

Conductive Hearing Loss

So Owen has gone to the audiologist three times since the end of January and has repeatedly failed each hearing test. The good new is that they think it is only conductive hearing loss, caused by fluid in the ear and/or ear wax, and not something more serious.
Owen had a cold for the first test along with an unknown ear infection for the second one. We just went this past week for another follow-up and got better results but still not where we want them. He responded to all the speech that was played for him but when it came to sounds that make up speech his response was reduced. Looking in his ear the doc said that there was a lot of wax, only a slit of an opening to hear through, and was not able to tell if he had an ear infection. He did say that the results of the test suggest fluid is present, just as before.
So we will be seeing an E.N.T. doctor on the 6th to discuss any options for Owen. I'm really hoping that something good will come of this appointment, whether it be tubes or something else.
Has anybody else had a situation similar? I know it is very common for kids with Ds to retain more fluid in their ears.


  1. My son is 15 months old...He has had three hearing tests and not passed any of them...The last one they did they bypassed the middle ear where he always has fluid and tested the other ear parts...I suck at explaining this...Anyway they say his hearing loss is only due to the fluid in his middle ear...He can hear, but probably muffled...He is having tubes put in next month and then we are having his hearing retested. It is common with kids with Ds because they tend to have narrower ear canals and the fluid doesnt drain as well as it should, so tubes is suppose to help a great deal and its suppose to be a quick simple proceedure.
    Hopefully thats all Owen will need and that will solve the problem :)

  2. my son was born with down syndrome july of 09. He failed his hospital hearing tests. They sent him for more another test, and he failed that too. His pediatrician sent me to an ent at our children's hospital. He failed yet another hearing test. they said that it was more than likely due to fluid behind the ear drums. so they decided to put tubes in his ears. they did this in october of 09 (yes, at 3 mos of age). then they scheduled another hearing test, it was not conclusive enough (this was done in january of 2010). So they wanted to see him back again in July of 2010 to do a ABR (auditory brainstem response) which would require him to be sedated because they needed him to be completely still. THIS ONE HE FINALLY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!! The tubes are a quick procedure. (only a few did take the doc about 25 minutes because my sons ears were so tiny and his ear canals soo narrow--like i mentioned he was only 3 mos old) so good luck!