April 10, 2011

Oh So Tiny

So Owen saw the E.N.T. Doctor on Wednesday, who didn't have too many options for us. He started out asking us if Owen snores, which yes he does, and if he drinks his bottle laying down, which is another yes. (We're still working on getting him to tip the bottle up for more milk.)
So he took a look in his ear and really couldn't see much of anything--- his ears are just too tiny. So we went over his last hearing test which he said was a little reduced but not horrible.
After discussing that and the fact that we have never noticed any kind of hearing issue at home, we went over our options. These were (1) have Owen actually be put under in the operating room so the Dr could try to get a better look and see if he would benefit from tubes (2) have the ear opened up from behind and have any fluid drained or (3) just keep an eye on things.
The doctor said that we could do option 1 but it would pretty much be pointless. He said that even if Owen would benefit from tubes, his ears are too tiny to even put them in, they wouldn't fit. He didn't really think option 2 would be worth all the trouble, which I agree. He said that the cons of actually having to do the whole procedure outweighs the benefits of it. So that left us with just keeping an eye on things. We are hoping that as Owen grows so do his ear canals and things will kind of resolve on their own.
He also told us that Owen might benefit from having his tonsils and adenoids taken out later. He said that at this point he is not saying that he will have to have them out but wanted to let us know that usually it is very beneficial for kids with Ds, considering the smaller upper respiratory areas. This would get rid of extra obstructions in the airway and help with snoring and such.

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