February 07, 2010


After Owen was born and we were moved to the recovery room the nurse noticed that Owen was looking a little blue around his mouth and nose. She took him down to the nursery and then moved him over to the NICU. His oxygen levels were in the 80s and his blood sugar level was low. They put him on 3 liters of O2 and we waited for progress. In the meantime, he got to have some fun in the sun under the bililights for his jaundice.

He also had another echo and we found out that the hole in his heart between his ventricles had closed. That was great news, it meant that instead of having surgery at about 6 months he wouldn't need it until about 5 years! Everything was looking good, we only had to wait for Owen's O2 levels to be high enough to go home.

Owen was born on Tues., Oct. 20th, I was discharged from the hospital on Friday, but poor baby O had to stay longer. We went to say bye to Owen, and even though I knew he would be fine and that he was in good hands, I couldn't help but cry. He was my precious baby boy that we had waited 9 long months to hold and take home and now we just had to leave him there. Andy and I came back to hospital on Sunday to stay as guests so that we could be with Owen. However, they told us that it was still going to be a couple days so we stayed one night and went home on Monday. Tuesday morning we got a call from the NICU that Owen would be ready to come home on Thursday as long as everything continued to go as well as it was. He was now down to 1/8 of a liter of O2 and doing great otherwise. We went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon and stayed in a family room that they have right off of the NCIU. Owen got to room in with us and on Thursday we went home, together as a family, oxygen tank in hand.

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