April 07, 2010


Owen first tried solids about two weeks ago when I let him have a little bit of my applesauce. He seemed to like it so I gave him some pears, the only jar of baby food I already had. He didn't really love it but he seemed to think it was ok. So we started trying some other foods. Baby cereal was a no, he did not like it at all. Next we tried bananas, didn't like those. They actually tasted kind of bitter. Then we moved onto sweet potatoes. They were a hit, he loved them.
I think he is overall doing a pretty good job with the solid food. He does push a tiny bit of food out with his tonuge, which I think was partially my fault. I don't think I was putting enough of the spoon in his mouth. Well I guess we will just have to practice.


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog, glad that you did, because now I found you and your little peanut!! That is one adorable little boy you have there:) Landon is 13 months old and still manages to push some of his food out of his mouth with his tongue! It's like a wrestling match trying to put the spoon on top of his tongue.....some foods make him super excited and I can't feed him fast enough! *Sigh*......these little guys are so much fun:) Sweet potatoes are always top choice!!

  2. We're sweet potato fans, too! A trick our feeding therapist gave us when LC was learning was to add a little spice to cereal if he's not a fan...A little cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. can sometimes perk up their tongue and won't hurt their bellies like a sweetener might. Jace is a BIG fan of a little "apple pie spice" mixed in to his rice cereal in the morning...it's the only way he'll eat it! Happy Munching, O! Loving the 'do!