August 27, 2011

Things are Looking Good

It's been two days since Owen's surgery and things are continuing to go well.  The plan for today is to have the drain tube in his chest removed along with his pacing wires, as we have not needed them at all.
The main focus though is to work on getting his lungs cleared up a bit. He has got a little build up of fluid/mucous in each lung which is causing his O2 stats to drop when they remove the oxygen. So clapping on his back and chest will be today's activity. The doctor wasn't too concerned though, said this is really common after surgery.
Currently they have him on oxygen set at 100% blow-by which leads him to have O2 stats of about 97 to 100. But when he moves and isn't getting that, his levels seem to drop into the mid 80s. So that is our main hurdle in my opinon.
After Owen being on oxygen for the first 2 months of his life, I'm really focusing on that. I really don't want him to be stuck here just because of the O2 levels.
His pain is under control. After surgery he was on a constant drip of Fetanoyl (sp?). That was discontinued yesterday morning and is now on scheduled doses of tylenol and a little bit of morphine when needed.
On another note, his nurse said we should be able to take him for a walk in a wagon today!

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